Burak Aydemir

About Me

I'm an ecommerce focused front-end developer. I have extensive experience working on the Shopify platform with stores on all plan levels (180+ projects completed), from perfomance optimization to feature and app development.

My experience with Shopify performance optimization includes lazy loading implementation, image optimization, resource loading optimization, debugging, analyzing network requests, and auditing theme code to find additional perfomance improvement opportunities. I utilize analysis tools such as Lighthouse and WebPageTest when performing optimizations.

A blog post I wrote discussing the use of resource hints for improving Shopify store performance can be read here.

My experience with performing theme customizations includes the use of HTML, CSS, Liquid, JavaScript, JSON, and jQuery to create user configurable theme settings when viable, theme tweaks and features, PSD to HTML product templates or product descriptions, theme code edits, and UI troubleshooting.

I also co-developed an app called Tip Jar and you can check it out on the Shopify App Store here.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, feel free to send me a message via the contact form below.

My Skills

responsive design
visual studio code
cross browser testing

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