Burak Aydemir

About Me

A front-end developer from the Chicagoland area with experience in building landing pages, PSD to HTML/CSS, API implementation, creating static sites from scratch without the use of frameworks, Shopify and Wordpress/WooCommerce store setup and theme modification, developing responsive sites for optimal viewing on desktop and mobile devices, debugging and troubleshooting, familiar with a bit of social media marketing such as running Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and more.

I consider my skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and responsive design to be pretty solid. On a daily basis (try to at least) I work on expanding my knowledge by reading about and/or trying out new tools, tech, frameworks, or libraries that'll aide me in becoming a better front-end developer.

I am currently part of a small fully remote team that optimizes Shopify sites. The optimizations I perform, among other things, include lazy loading implementation, conditional loading of scripts, removing leftover code from uninstalled apps, troubleshooting and error fixes, auditing theme code to find perfomance improvement opportunities, and sometimes design changes and feature implementations. I also communicate directly with customers from project start to project completion and providing a great customer experience is essential for me to consider a project to have been successfully delivered.

Since I work with Shopify sites every day, I am continually working on building my skills in Liquid templating language. I'd also like to use it with Jekyll to rebuild this site.

Thank you for checking out my site; hopefully we'll get to work together some day!

My Skills

responsive design
visual studio code
cross browser testing


I haven't updated my portfolio in a while.
I have worked on a ton of sites not on here, mainly Shopify and Wordpress.
I still value the below projects though because they were created from scratch and I learned a lot from them.

Tactical Gear List
Shopify eCommerce website setup with modifications to theme template. Integrated apps and imported inventory. tacticalgearlist.com
Tactical Pen
Responsive landing page for affiliate marketing built using plain HTML and CSS.
Sunmist Cafe
Sunmist Cafe Mobile
Restaurant website built from scratch using HTML and CSS. Responsive design created using media queries for various display sizes. sunmistcafe.com
Marcacci Meat Market
Marcacci Meat Market Mobile
Butcher website built from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Responsive design created with custom media queries for various display sizes.
Retail Ad
Retail Ad Mobile
Lookbook pages created for a large national clothing retailer. PSD to HTML for desktop and mobile. Images sliced from PSD to create pixel perfect pages.
Wikipedia Search
Wikipedia Search Mobile
Implemented Wikipedia API to search for user input and return first 10 results. Title, description, and link back to Wikipedia for full article is returned. Can click random article to take user to a random article on Wikipedia. Built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and custom media queries for responsiveness across various screen sizes. wiki search app
Weather Mobile
Implemented Yahoo Weather API to get current temperature for a user's location. User location is acquired using HTML geolocation. Coordinates are used to query Yahoo's JSON data and return current temperature. User can toggle between fahrenheit and celsius and click temp to get full forecast on Yahoo's site. weather app

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